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Zhengzhou kanglida Electronic power CO.,LTD,we have been focused on free maintenance sealed lead acid agm battery and gel products for nearly 20 years in China,achieving certificate of CE and UL,test report from China official department of battery products,warehouse in Zhengzhou and Shenzhen,less than 1 hour way to Shenzhen port,2v/4v/6v/12v battery,0.8ah-3000ah. The trademark of our products has been,also recommended to the national security enterprises. Our products include: sealed lead acid battery ;lead acid battery;agm battery;gel battery;vrla battery;deep cycle lead acid battery;solar battery;ups battery;sla battery;backup battery;deep cycle battery;rechargeable battery; 2v battery; 4v battery; 6v battery, 12v battery. After more than 16 years of development, Kanglida battery inform.....



Kanglida battery on Dubai Exhibition

??ZHENGZHOU KANGLIDA ELECTRONIC POWER CO., LTD attend China (Dubai ) Trade Fair on 5th-7th,December 2016. Held in Dubai World Trade Center, Booth number: S1B209 S1...



Happy Thanksgiving everyone

??Happy Thanksgiving everyone...



The difference between lead-acid batteries and gel batterie

??Gel batteries are batteries in which the electro-liquid is in a colloidal state. It belongs to a development classification of lead-acid batteries. The differenc...



How to repair the battery?

??The storage battery is in daily life, it has a wide range of applications. The charging method is also very simple. However, there will be some friends who encou...



What's wrong with battery leakage?

??What's wrong with battery leakage? Common night leakage phenomenon: First, the sealing between the upper cover and the bottom groove is not good or the sealing g...

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